InternalsVisibleTo and Unit Testing

2008-11-10 21:45:39 by Kjell-Åke Gafvelin

I’m posting this as a reminder for myself!

When doing unit testing of internal and private members of an assembly which has a strong name you have to add the InternalsVisibleToAttribute to it.

In C# it should look like this:

[assembly: System.Runtime.CompilerServices.InternalsVisibleTo("My.Assembly.UnitTest, PublicKey=00240000048000009400000006020000002400005253413100040000010001002b942c093e3324a162084ae586f6de65ca4d79f82fd5e4939bd4a26ac5cfe0d42fae6b1b29e659a0710eb5b62e551bcde2494f17d3098f1dc664e0bf9e596e28effd9549bf4aff6dd3c00e28d66d7951ab86df06a8682070df557de4cfc8510ddb9fdb5de1c1f17235eaa3590d38114e4960a95820c375204050bc967c56a3c1")]

To get the public key from a strong named assembly you have to use sn.exe with the –Tp option.

This would give you the following result:

PS c:\....> sn -Tp My.Assembly.UnitTest.dll

Microsoft (R) .NET Framework Strong Name Utility  Version 3.5.30729.1

Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved.

Public key is






Public key token is 77a86484916e64d9


Feedback forum for MSMQ Studio

2008-11-10 22:17:39 by Kjell-Åke Gafvelin

I wanted to make it easier for you, the users of of MSMQ Studio, to provide feedback on the application and also to be able to vote on what you think is important for you.

So go to the feedback forum and post your ideas and vote on other ideas.