Utils and Common is Dead!

2009-05-09 22:18:50 by Kjell-Åke Gafvelin

I totally agree with Ayende Rahien about that creating Utils and Common-projects for re-use in other solutions are unnecessary. Out office is mainly working with one big client and they want to have a Common-library which is re-used in all their projects. We have refused to do this as there is a too big risk with how maintenance and updates would be handled for this library. We have instead tried to re-use successful patterns from previous projects. And if we need to re-use some code from another project we just copy it over to the new project.

By not using a Common-library and instead copy code from previous projects we don’t get a problem with maintenance and updates of the Common-library as each project is responsible for its own code. The risk for that there is bugs in the code which is copied is almost minimal since is has been used in production already and it’s most likely that the bugs have been found and been fixed. Also if you would need to change the functionality in the Common-library to fit your project this could introduce a breaking change for other projects, but if you have the code in your project you would not have to deal with this at all.

Of course there are benefits of having a Common-library but just the administration of it makes it a pain.