WiX Service Account Dialog – part 2

2009-10-09 13:51:40 by Kjell-Åke Gafvelin

I got the question on how I put the username and password from the service account dialog (see part 1) back into the ServiceInstall element. The way I did it was to create two properties to hold default values (at the moment I do not remember if it was necessary).

   1:          <Property Id="ACCOUNT" Value="<DOMAIN\username>"/>
   2:          <Property Id="PASSWORD" Value="<password>"/>

And then I set up the ServiceInstall element to use these properties.

   1:  <ServiceInstall Id="MyServiceInstall" Name="MyService" Type="ownProcess" Account="[ACCOUNT]" Password="[PASSWORD]" Start="auto" ErrorControl="ignore" DisplayName="MyService" />